Why You Should Remove Duplicates from Mac

This is how it works: your Mac has free space until it doesn’t, your Mac is fast until it isn’t, your…well, you’ve got the gist. As you know all too well, even such exquisite computer as a Mac can be hobbled by external influences. This is why it is important to decrease the number of factors contributing to the reduction of its productivity. One of such factors is the piling of duplicates on Mac’s drive. With time, media folders get filled with identical files that gobble up free space, thereby making it difficult for a Mac to function properly. The lack of storage space leads to the marked decrease in the computer performance to the chagrin of its user. Therefore, it is possible to say without exaggeration that duplicates are the bane of every Mac. In addition to slowing down the machine and consuming valuable drive space, the overabundance of identical files makes it difficult to find the needed version of a certain file. It follows that to make the life of Mac’s user easier, it is essential to get rid of duplicates. Furthermore, since duplicates tend to reemerge after some time, their deletion has to occur on a regular basis.

The article discusses how to search Mac for duplicate files. It also proposes an effective method of scanning multiple locations, detecting, and deleting duplicates – DupeGuru for Mac. Keep reading to discover how to stop the formation of unnecessary clutter on a Mac.

Why You Need DupeGuru

There are two ways of eliminating unnecessary file copies from Mac’s drive. It can be done either manually or automatically. The manual approach is only practical on a small scale. In essence, duplicates are no different from other files, which makes it possible to hand-pick the copies and delete them. This approach can work if a user has a small number of files located in one folder. If, on the other hand, you want to free up gigabytes of disk space, the manual approach will hardly be useful. To find identical files, you will have to sort your files by date and size and look for copies. Furthermore, to ensure that memorable images are not lost in the process, it is necessary to verify that each picture is indeed a duplicate. The same applies to documents, videos, audio files, and other types of duplicates, which makes the process of their removal time consuming and tedious. To escape the bore of this chore, the vast majority of Mac users opts for an automated approach.

The automatic removal of duplicates presupposes the use of professional cleaning utilities. Those who are really serious about the elimination of storage clutter utilize DupeGuru. The powerful app has a simple interface and several advanced filters, which makes the process of scanning a drive for duplicates a real breeze.

How to Find Duplicates with DupeGuru

If you’ve realized that you don’t want to waste your youth on weeding out duplicates from the Mac and instead decided to outsource the task to DupeGuru, here’s how it can be done:

  1. Backup the Mac to prevent the loss of important files;
  2. Download DupeGuru;
  3. Install the app by carefully following the instructions in the installer;
  4. Launch DupeGuru;
  5. In the app’s window, select a folder or folders you want to scan and click the Scan button (alternatively, drag and drop the folders into the window). Note that you shouldn’t scan the entire drive in one go because such action will provide you with erroneous results.

scan with dupeguru

  1. Wait for the successful completion of the scan, which can take a while if the aggregate size of files in the selected directories is considerably large. If the need arises, you can stop the scan by clicking the Cancel

find diplicates dupeguru

After the scan is finished, you will be presented with a list of duplicates residing in the examined directories. It should be kept in mind that the list is comprised of potential matches. For this reason, you should carefully review files, images, songs, archives, and other items in the list in order to ensure that only duplicates are deleted. Generally, it’s a good idea to leave items that fall below the 100 percent match range. However, if you want to get rid of files that are almost identical, you can also go for low percentage matches. Just make sure that you don’t delete anything important by double-clicking and checking each item. To make the file management process easier, DupeGuru allows deleting and moving identical files in bulk. If you want to keep a file, choose the Remove Selected from Results option. After you’ve removed false duplicates from the list, click Edit and select the Mark All option. Then, go to Actions and click Send Marked to Recycle bin. That’s it. Now, all duplicates are gone from your Mac.