Face to Face: 27-inch iMac vs. iMac Pro

Nowadays, the technology forges ahead every minute, and new devices constantly appear on the market. And so many users, who cannot work without a computer, often face a choice – what kind of computer to use.

We decided to compare two super-powerful machines – iMac Pro and i27in iMac – in terms of design, features, specifications and the correlation of price and quality.

iMac Features Against iMac Pro Specs

imac pro xeon

The top feature of the 27in iMac – a quad-core Intel i7 Kaby Lake processor with 4.2 GHz speed, 2 TB SSD, 64 GB RAM, and AMD Radeon Pro 580 with 8 GB of video memory.

Just think, the basic structure of iMac Pro is equipped with:

  • 8-core Intel Xeon W processor (configurable for 10, 14, and 18 cores)
  • 32 GB of RAM (configurable 64 GB or 128 GB)
  • 1 TB SSD (configurable 2 TB or 4 TB).

The 8-core (or more) Radeon Pro Vega video card and Intel Xeon W processor make the machine a more powerful computer. Of course, if you are making money with video editing – then, 8K RED, 50Mp RAW-frames, H.264 4K footage will satisfy you. But if you just need an ultra-fast Mac (even for gaming), iMac Pro will probably be redundant.

New Xeon Processors

iMac Pro has the Xeon W CPU. 27-inch iMac is equipped with Intel i7 Kaby Lake.

The clear difference between these machines, of course, is the amount of cores. Due to having fewer cores, i7 Kaby Lake would run slower.

The cache should also be taken into account. I7 core processors with 8 MB cache, and Xeon – with 60 MB, although Apple claims that the memory of a new iMac will be maximum at 42 MB.

The cache memory plays a huge role in the work of many programs. Let’s have a look on two processors with the same GHz but a different cache volume. The system with more hidden supply will work better. So in this case, Xeon will guarantee more.

The power of Xeon using up is superior and it can accelerate more easily with the means for cooling. Despite the differences between these processors, Xeon coming out on top. However, i7 is still a good option.

iMac’s Graphics card

Apple claims Radeon Pro Vega to be at least three times faster than any preceding graphics processor, which implies it’s great for video editing. Of course, iMac Pro launched iMac in each GPU graphics and load tests that we put on it. It proposes 8 GB of HBM2 memory – rather high-speed one. The iMac Pro also has 16 GB of HBM2 memory.

It is expected that the memory of HBM2 will be useful for everyone who works with ‘virtual reality’, or video editing – thus, new computer model is perfect for this market.

Memory featutes

Another point in favor of iMac Pro is for including Error-Correcting Code memory.

It provides special schemes to verify the data accuracy and allows the computer to repair any damage. Such machine will be perfect for scientists or financiers who cannot tolerate the minor data corruption.

The Core i7 chip officially can draw 64 GB, although some of them support 128 GB of Random Access Memory.

But updating RAM later will be more convenient on the 27-inch iMac. The RAM slots behind its screen can be accessed quite easily. Unfortunately, on the backward panel of iMac Pro, there is no access for operative memory.

Other facilities

The new iMac can give 1TB SSD while a standard machine can support up to 4 TB. At the top of the line of iMac for assembling by order, we offer a solid-state drive with a capacity of 2 TB.

The screen on new iMac suggests the same pixel set (5,120×2,880), like the 27-inch computer.

If the standard iMac has two Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C ports, the new one suggests four, what allows to connect two extra monitors to the computer.

Another feature that iMac Pro has 10Gb Ethernet. While the simple iMac bids only 1 Gbps Ethernet connector. This allows you to expanse the network storage performance to 10 times.

Money reasons: How Much Will the iMac Pro Cost?

Apple has never overlooked the world of creative people. And even now the company is launching a new iMac Pro. However, there is one more iMac that could fully satisfy the needs of creative professionals.

You can buy iMac Pro at a price of $4,999 in the United States. The price on the 27th iMac starts from $1,799 in the US.

Apparently, iMac Pro has many advantages. However, before spending a large amount of money, consider whether it is expedient to obtain such a purchase. Perhaps, you will not need such a large number of functions.