Forget the iSlate–Here’s an Easier Way to Get Your Tablet Fix

Can’t wait for Apple to get around to announcing (or not announcing) the iSlateTabletThingie? Folks who own a MacBook enabled with multitouch and running Snow Leopard are already capable of fusing together their own tablet with Inklet, an app available from Ten One Design. For $24.95 (plus $14.95 for their Pogo Sketch soft-tip stylus which is supposed to give at least three levels of pressure sensitivity), you get software that lets you create a window onto your workspace in which you can draw using the trackpad. The app is also available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Inklet Trackpad Use

The good news it that it works, sort of. The bad news is that fingertips aren’t very precise and no other manufactured styli work. Looks like you should consider their stylus a required part of the bundle.

Trackpad Tablet

In use, the cursor occasionally jumped across the working area as you can see in the screen shot.

Inklet lets you write on the trackpad and have the words recognized and converted to text that you can copy and paste into a word processor. There’s a noticeable pause, though, as you write a word and then wait for it to be recognized before you begin the next word.  And don’t expect to get good recognition if you’re using a finger!

If you need the most portable drawing abilities, then this is a viable option as long as you know going in you’re paying $40, not $25. Or, of course, you can wait for the January twenty-somethingth announcement that might be.