Create a Mac Pro-like backgrond

Ordinary desktop wallpapers are annoyingly boring. Some users prefer to change them to their photos or favorite pictures. Some do not bother about their desktop being a total dullsville. Others go crazy and search for the new ways of customizing desktop patterns to the max. If you are an admirer of perforated metal strips, then you can easily turn your desktop into the realm of shiny metal.

How to Change Background on Mac

There is a possibility to add perforated metal pattern to a uniform pattern with the help of Resources on your Mac. To get to that section, you have to follow this path: /System → Library → Click on it and select Show Package Contents, then search for Resources in Contents.

Then google a picture of the perforated metal strip and save it in .png format. Place that file in the Resources folder. Thus you will be able to open it in Preview and crop the picture. To achieve the best result, you will have to crop the image to 10×10 pixels, including one-pixel margin below the holes. Save the received picture in .png format and tile your desktop with it. You will end up with a full metal ‘Pro’ desktop!