Apple tops PC rivals in customer experience, but iTunes lags behind

In a recent survey of customer experience, Apple ranked above its main competitors in the personal computing space, but consumers found iTunes to be behind rivals Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

In the new Customer Experience Index of 133 organizations accumulated by Forrester Research, Apple and its iTunes music benefit are positioned in places 35 and 46, individually. While this put Apple over its PC rivals HP (62nd place), Toshiba (71), Acer (79), Compaq (89), and Dell (97), iTunes fell beneath rivals Barnes and Noble, which came in to begin with, and fourth-put Amazon.

iTunes’ execution with respect to other online administrations was particularly noted to BusinessWeek by Bruce D. Temkin, VP and key expert of client involvement with Forrester.

Apple’s entry with iTunes Music Store

Regardless of the possibility that iTunes doesn’t rank as high as Amazon as far as “client encounter,” it is as yet the head goal to download motion pictures, music and other substance on the web. A year ago, it was discovered that 25 percent of general U.S. music deals come through iTunes. As far as online music deals, iTunes is the undisputed pioneer with 69 percent of the market.

Likewise in the Forrester ponder, AT&T Wireless, the selective bearer of the iPhone in the US, was positioned beneath contenders T-Mobile and Verizon, yet bested portable transporter Alltel. AT&T saw a comparative outcome in an examination discharged in December, in which purchasers positioned the transporter toward the end as far as consumer loyalty.

The Forrester contemplate was involved 133 organizations crosswise over 14 businesses including PC makers, remote bearers and retailers. Retailers removed 12 from the main 20 spots, while human services and Internet, TV and link suppliers were found toward the base of the rundown.

The main enterprises to get a general decent evaluating (normal score of 80 percent) were retailers, inns, and bundle conveyance administrations. Barnes and Noble held its ahead of all comers positioning from a year ago’s review with both Charter’s link and TV administrations assuming last position.

The Index depended on the reactions of 4,653 US purchasers made in November 2009. The organizations were evaluated on three primary inquiries:

1. Contemplating your current communications with these organizations, how viable would they say they were at addressing your requirements?

2. Considering your current associations with these organizations, how simple would it say it was to work with these organizations?

3. Pondering your current communications with these organizations, how agreeable were the associations?

In a comparable investigation of client encounter done in April of 2009, Apple took the best spot among its companions, besting the opposition by a significant edge, being the main PC producer to gain a “decent” appraising. Indeed, Apple reliably beats its associates in the PC business with regards to consumer loyalty and administration.