The Day The Hackintosh Netbook Died: 11-09-09

The Apple has been known for their expensive and exclusive products, longest shop queues on the release days of a new iPhone or iPod, and the way they treat those who break their rules. Hackintosh community (with the original name of OSx86) is a true thorn in Apple’s eye. Once hackers delivered a way to install Mac OS on non-apple netbooks, things got serious. But it would not be Apple if they had not come up with something.

MacOS X update not supporting Intel Atom

Back in 2009, when OS X 10.6 was released under the name ‘Snow Leopard,’ it had some major problems like artifacts and freezing, tweaks and even account deletion. The follow-up 10.6.2 fix was destined to be the remedy for all the bugs and issues of the OS. But the major surprise for all the users was the fact that since 10.6.2 MacOS X stopped supporting Intel Atom.

For quite a long time the Hackintosh was figuring out ways to actually install the MacOS onto netbooks, as most of them used the Intel Atom chip. At the moment, it’s unknown if the new modded kernel for Hackintosh would ever be presented. The lesson’s learned – Apple will do their best to make your life harder!