From Mac Users to CNBC: Please stop trying to help us!

God knows, it’s great to see Mac evangelism in the press, except when the arguments are completely, utterly, and embarrassingly wrong.

Jim Goldman, CNBC’s Silicon Valley Bureau Chief tried recently to debunk the idea of an “Apple tax” on a recent segment of CNBC’s “On the Money” but ended up doing more harm that good as he made mistake after mistake, weaving such a web of inaccuracies and half-truths that it felt like a recent Microsoft Ad. Some embarrassing examples? He mentions that Macs come with Adobe Photoshop, so Windows users will need an equivalent program which he valued at $140. Macs, he said, have 4x the battery life, are 1.2lbs. lighter and have faster processors and higher-resolution displays than Windows laptops do. If only that were universally true.

He also factored in additional costs for Windows users to purchase editing and music software, even though most PC’s come with some version of this software for free. He also included a $129 repair visit to the Geek Squad which is also misleading, since it assumes that the Mac will still be under warranty when the Windows PC is not. By the time the segment concludes, Mr. Goldman states that a $699 Windows PC might cost around $1500 when you include these extra expenses and hidden fees. I’m sorry Jim,  but I don’t buy it and frankly, I’m embarrassed that Mac user would try to sell such a highly dubious claim.

Mac Hardware

As Mac users in the vocal minority, we’re used to battling misconceptions about our chosen hardware, but the task is all the more distasteful when that misinformation comes from our own camp. There really is a case to be made for the superior value of Apple products when you look at Total Cost of Ownership or Return on Investment, but until we clear the air of these spurious comparisons, we’ll never get down to a candid examination of the real differences between these two platforms.

So, from Mac users everywhere….I have a message for CNBC. “Please stop trying to help us.”

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but unless you’re prepared to argue the facts and provide evidence for your assertions, we’d be happier if you’d just keep quiet.