Forget the iSlate–Here’s an Easier Way to Get Your Tablet Fix

Can’t wait for Apple to get around to announcing (or not announcing) the iSlateTabletThingie? Folks who own a MacBook enabled with multitouch and running Snow Leopard are already capable of fusing together their own tablet with Inklet, an app available

Apple tops PC rivals in customer experience, but iTunes lags behind

In a recent survey of customer experience, Apple ranked above its main competitors in the personal computing space, but consumers found iTunes to be behind rivals Barnes & Noble and Amazon. In the new Customer Experience Index of 133 organizations

“Analysts” “Estimate” App Store “Lost” “$450 Million”

Despite the App Store’s huge number of applications and the even larger number of downloads, according to an analysis by 24/7 Wall St. piracy is responsible for an enormous amount of lost revenue. As much as $450 million, the site claims. That’s

mySlips 2.1 – Completely different notepad and outliner.

mySlips – The complete different notepad and outliner. Yes, I know mySlips is not an outliner in the conventional sense. Presently there is never again anything to crease all over nor are there any longer hubs or whatever other practically identical