The iPhone & Steve Ballmer: It’s Time For Him To Eat Some Serious Crow

There are very few people in the tech world who annoy me quite like Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. It’s not just that he’s loud, dismissive and arrogant. It’s that he manages to be all these things while usually being

Review: Guardian MAXimus RAID1 Storage Solution – My New Best Friend

I suffered a personal tragedy recently. The external hard drive that I use for backups suffered a massive hardware failure and died unexpectedly. Being only a backup drive, it should have been nothing more than a simple inconvenience. It wasn’t,

Review: DSI Modular Mac Keyboard – A Successful Fusion of Past & Present

I guess I’m something of a keyboard snob. My first mac, a vintage SE, came with a compact version of the legendary Apple Extended keyboard. It’s precision feel and audible clack were the thanks to the Alps mechanical switches underneath

Could OLPC’s BitFrost Be A Model for For Future Mac Security?

Usually, certain personnel replacements can prompt that things are about to change in the company. Thus, the hiring of Ivan Krstić, creator of BitFrost, was perceived as a search for new security directions by Apple. Noted as a Young Innovator